Autumn is around the Corner

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Ahhh, autumn.  The leaves are changing.  The nights get a bit cooler and harvest is in full swing!  September and October are big months for us – huge!  Not only do we harvest our grapes, but our apples come in as well!

With my Grandpa. Poor quality, but I love the picture.

Grandpa Hauser

The Hauser Family started out in the apple biz and we continue to delight in the fall months!  My Grandfather, Jack Hauser, was hired at Musselman’s in the 1930s.  He rose up through the company and in 1944, when Mr. Musselman passed away, Grandpa become president.  He not only worked in the business side of the apple industry but also the farming side.  The orchard that he maintained throughout his life supplies the apples that we put into Jack’s Hard Cider and our Apple Wine.  I cannot say for sure what my Grandfather would have thought about starting a vineyard and making wine, but from what I did know of him, I think he would have been extremely proud.  My Grandmother, Helen, would often say, how much she wished he was here to see it.

Grandma at Hauser Estate Winery’s groundbreaking.

Grandma Hauser in the 1920s.

My Grandmother, Helen also loved this time of the year.  She would have been 102 years this October.   Up until her passing this past March, she participated in Apple Harvest during the first two weeks of October.   She was an institution to many people who came through the area to get apples during those weekends. Those who stopped, heard all about Jack and her family, the winery and what apples to use when making a pie!  Many people stop at our apple stand, which is outside the parking area  for the Apple Harvest Festival, to ask about Helen.  It is bittersweet for us this fall, for Grandma is not with us this year.

One of my favorite photos with Grandma.

We hope to honor both their memories by continuing the great agricultural tradition in the Adams County area.  Whether growing grapes or apples, we want to create the best product possible.  We have a large legacy to live up to and hope that both Jack and Helen are proud of us!

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