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Tulips, daffodils, and all sorts of pastel colored candy are signs of Easter and Spring.  There is a lot to do, from getting your Easter dinner prepared and on the table to enjoying some candy the Easter bunny left and we have some suggestions of libations to pair with Easter foods.


Cabernet Sauvignon. Lamb usually has strong flavors, make sure your wine does too!

Easter Ham

Jack’s Hard Cider. Hams can be prepared in so many ways. It is a good thing we have many varieties of Jack’s Hard Cider to pick.

Roasted Vegetables

Crisp and slightly acidic, Rose will accompany the slightly sweet earthy flavors of roasted vegetables.

Something Lemony for dessert

The tropical flavors of Wheatfield White will cut the creamy tartness of a lemon dessert.

Coconut dessert

Something with bubbles will compliment coconut. Try Jack’s Hard Cider Original for something different.




If you plan to skip the meal and get right to the candy try these suggestions.

EasterChocolate bunny

Without a doubt – Devils Den. Give it a try.

Jelly beans

Pinot Gris is fruity and crisp…perfect with the sweet fruity beans.

Cadbury crème egg

The sweet Minieball Red will pair nicely with the old Easter standby!


Try Jack’s Hard Cider, Conewago Orchard. This cider is reminiscent of a sparkling wine and will work with the sugary, marshmallow treat.




For fun!



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