The Forgotten Holiday

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Thanksgiving seems like the forgotten holiday. The excitement of Halloween leads right into the sales for Christmas gifts, and in all the rush to grab that deal, Thanksgiving gets lost. Thanksgiving is the holiday that should be given some time, for it has a great backstory. Two groups of people spending time together to celebrate a bounty. Sharing, helping, and then enjoying a meal with laughter and understanding. Many people question this happy version of history but what sticks is the fact that there are things that we are thankful for and we should take a day to celebrate and enjoy the company of others.

Food always goes along with celebrations, and we hope that there is some kind of wine or cider on your table as well.   Our staff is often asked what to pair or serve with meals and Thanksgiving is no exception.  Below are the wines and ciders that will be on their tables.

Judy plans to have a variety of Jack’s Hard Ciders on her table, along with her favorite, Cabernet Franc and the sweet Grapeshot for her daughter in law.

Grape Stomp, Fall Frolic 054

Brenda Lynn says that turkey, taters and Wheatfield White will melt in your mouth.

Bonnie thinks that Jack’s Original would be nice before dinner and likes Wheatfield White with dinner.  Plus, she says, the bottle will look nice on the table.


Our president Jonathan, say that our 2013 Merlot belongs at Thanksgiving because it is a crowd pleaser.  We are pretty sure, however, he will be having some Jack’s Hard Cider as well.

Jon 009-2

Julie think there should be some Wheatfield White, Pinot Noir and Jack’s Hard Cider, Conewago on the Thanksgiving table.  Abe’s Apple also has a place with either the main meal or with dessert…your choice!

LeBlanc Kissenger 025a

I am bringing Devils Den for my in laws and I will be drinking the new 2013 Chardonnay which will be released very soon!  There will also be some Jack’s Hard Cider at the table.

tour de tank

Corky says to enjoy any Hauser wine or Jack’s Hard Cider and to bring him leftovers!


Check out our Thanksgiving board on Pinterest for lots of decorating and drink ideas!

We hope that Hauser Estate Winery and Jack’s Hard Cider can be a small part of you Thanksgiving celebration.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!


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