Hard Cider, Civil War and Summer

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Todmhp_treeay in Gettysburg, shops are polishing their signs and restaurants are bringing out their finest wares because in a couple days, the full impact of the 150 anniversary of the American Civil War will be upon us!  From 1861-1865, war raged up and down the east coast and into the midwest.  Civil War within any country is brutal, but with a young nation being torn apart, the United State’s Civil War was not only brutal but pivotal.  With knowledge of this momentous occasion, tourist will stream into Gettysburg to remember and commemorate.

Like e5940_98547134935_50884969935_1893884_5373019_nverywhere else in the area, we at Hauser Estate Winery, have been getting ready to celebrate and remember the Battle of Gettysburg.  We do have one thing in common with the Civil War soldier that other places may not.  We have both enjoyed a Hard Cider!  While the popularity of Hard Cider, in the middle 19th century was gradually replaced by beer due to many reasons including an influx of German immigrants (and beer) to the United States, and the temperance movement, Hard Cider was still consumed by the American soldier.



jackssingle-webHard Cider is so versatile.  In the Civil War it was consumed, as well as, used as an antiseptic. Fortunately today, we do not need to use it to clean wounds, we can just enjoy drinking or cooking with it.  Hard Cider can make a great match with all kinds of food or can be sipped on a hot afternoon.  With so many people expected to visit Gettysburg this summer,  sipping a Jack’s Hard Cider at our location on the Square in Gettysburg watching the world go by seems like the perfect afternoon activity.  But if you want something to eat with your Jack’s this summer,  pair it with a juicy cheeseburger or pulled pork sandwich.  Corn on the cob with melted butter would taste great with a Jack’s Hard Cider as would a summer fruit salad with berries and stone fruits.  The possibilities are endless!  The slight sweetness of a cider can be a great match with spicy foods and the bubbles can cut the creaminess of certain dishes and cheeses like a Boursin or a cheese from sheep’s milk.

If you do decide to venture into Gettysburg this summer, stop in and see us on the Square.  Or get out of town and visit us at our winery near Cashtown, and grab yourself a Jack’s Hard Cider!