Helen Hauser Memorial Scholarship Endowment

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While my Grandmother, Helen Hauser, didn’t know how to make wine or hard cider, she could grow anything in her garden.

My Grandma loved gardening and agriculture.  As long as I can remember, she had a garden and a greenhouse.  As the years went by, the garden got smaller and the greenhouse was less used, but even as a nonagenarian, she managed to grow fruits and vegetables at her home.  One of my fondest memories growing up was in the summer, riding with her in the golfcart to the raspberry bush and picking the berries.  She always had fresh fruit to create pies and jellies or just to eat.

She was present when we planted our first vineyard, helping to trim the vines.   As she advanced in year, her trips to the vineyards and (raspberry bushes) were limited.  She instead, sat in the tasting room and greeted people as they came in.

“She truly enjoyed people and was not judgmental. She could be uncomfortably blunt, sometimes, but it was always in good faith and a part of her generation’s thought process. We all miss her.” ~Melinda Davis.

She would love to know that she was helping students cultivate their love of agriculture and creating a product out of fresh fruit.

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To help us train future winemakers

1.  Visit  www.hacc.edu/givenow  

2.  Select “Other Fund” from the list

3.  Enter the amount you wish to contribute and enter “Helen Hauser Memorial Scholarship” in the name of fund.

4.  Complete the online form and make a donation.

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