Interesting Wine Facts to Increase Your Vino Knowledge

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Almost everyone we know loves wine, of course, everyone loves to drink wine, but more and more people are Hauser Estate Vineyardstaking their love of wine further. It is no longer okay to just enjoy drinking wine, now one must fully versed in the culture of wine, and beyond that history, and interesting facts of wine. So with that in mind, Hauser Estate Winery would like to assist in increasing your wine knowledge with these fun, informative and interesting facts about wine.

This one takes aging the wine to the extreme:

The oldest preserved bottle of wine is nearly 1700 years old and it is on display in a German museum. 

Now this is important to all those wine marketers out there:

A 1997 experiment found that when French music was played in a wine store, more customers bought French wine. When the music was switched to German, there were more German wine sales. 

These next two are for all our Coca-Cola fans:

In China, people who want to display their wealth drink expensive red wines mixed with Coke and Sprite to make it taste more palatable. 


Coke was originally marketed as a cure to many ailments including low sexual libido. The creator of Coke, John Pemberton was forced to take the alcohol out of his original coke wine formula due to prohibition laws, but he first touted that version as “the most wonderful invigorator of sexual organs.”

And speaking of Prohibition:

During the Prohibition era, grape juice mix was sold with the warning “After dissolving the brick in a gallon of water, do not place the liquid in a jug away in the cupboard for twenty days, because then it would turn into wine.”

Wine for the good of the world:

There is an organization that utilizes wine tastings to dig wells in Africa. The call themselves Wine to Water.

And finally we leave you with this fun fact directly related to America and it’s beginnings:

The bill for a celebration party for the 55 drafters of the US Constitution was for “54 bottles of Madeira, 60 bottles of claret, 8 bottles of whiskey, 22 bottles of hard cider, 12 beers and seven bowls of alcohol punch large enough to that “ducks” could swim in them.”

Jacks Hard Cider Hauser Estate

Wonder if it was Jacks at the party.

So there you have it, there are many, many reasons to drink wine. What fun sharing interesting and fun facts about wine, while drinking wine. We hope you take these fun facts and wow your friends with your wine knowledge. Oh and come on “Up the Hill” and dazzle us as well…

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