Pennsylvania Party

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Did you know that there are wineries in all 50 United States?

Did you know Pennsylvania is one of the 10 top wine producing states?

To celebrate that Pennsylvania is in the top 10, try having a PA wine tasting party!

Here are a couple of quick and easy steps to have an enjoyable party:

1. Decide on the number of wines to taste.  Five or six wines are generally good numbers for sampling.

2. Create invites.  If you are DIY inclined, Real Simple has a fun suggestion for invites – coasters!

3.  You can get the wine yourself or instruct each guest (or couple) to bring two bottles of the same PA wine to the party.  One bottle will be used to taste and the second for enjoyment afterwards!  In the invite, set a  price limit if you deem necessary.

4. Prepare Snacks.  Since you will be doing tastings, you will not want your guests to be munching on anything too flavorful prior to tastings. Have a bowl of saltines or crackers as your guests arrive. Once the tastings are complete, bring on the food! Cheeses are  easy  to pair with wine.  Bowls of chocolate (try higher levels of cacao which are richer), olives, various dips, and dried fruit also work well.

5. Enjoy your Party!  Arrange the wines by starting to taste the whites (lighter wines) first followed by reds (heavier wines). Pour small amounts in the glasses to taste, approximately a 1 oz pour. While tasting make sure to take time to observe the color of the wine (dark, light, clear, cloudy), smell the wine (fruity, earthy, smoky), and then finally taste it! Hold the wine in your mouth awhile and swirl it around, then swallow. Make sure you take time in between your first and second sips to see if there are any lingering or new flavors to the wine.

There are two types of wine in this world, the types you like, and the types you don’t! So take this a fun and easy going moment with friends to experiences new wines, new types, and maybe even expand your wine horizons!!



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