A Springtime Wine Pairing

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Apple - late AprilSpringtime ushers in some great foods.  Fresh fruits and yummy veggies like peas, asparagus, you know, the green stuff are great after a long winter.  This, however,  tends to pose a problem for those of us who like wine with our meals.  Pairing wine with “the green stuff,” can be challenging.  Leafy greens tend to have a bitterness to them and asparagus is just down right hard to pair because it tends to clash with a lot of wines.  Luckily, the springtime meats are a lot easier to work with!


Apple - Early May

Baked hams work so well with Hard Cider as well as lighter whites such as Gewürztraminer..  Here we have lots of cider to choose from, and we also have Wheatfield White, which is made with Traminette.  Traminette shares many of the same characteristics of a Gewürztraminer.

Hachambourcin editving Lamb…easy.  You want a medium bodied red to match the gamey taste of the lamb.  A nice Malbec, or if you want local, try our Chambourcin.

Now onto the fruit and veggies.  A good rule of thumb is that you want your acidity lower in your food than in your wine.  Greens tend to be bitter, so white wine in most cases is probably your best bet.  Try to find whites with acidity and herbal/grassy notes, such as sauvignon blanc and pinot gris.  At Hauser Estate, we do not have a sauvignon blanc but our pinot gris has been release!  Our Jennie Wade White may also fit the bill when pairing green veggies and wine.  All you can do is try and see!

Strawberries need a bit of floral and sweetness.  Sweetness, not necessarily from added sugar but from the grape itself.  Our Wheatfield White would work with these red lovelies as would our Jennie Wade White.


spring veggie

wine collage











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