Summer Picnics

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It’s summer time and the weather is perfect for a picnic!

So grab your blanket, baskets, and whip up some delicious sandwiches and salads…but wait, what about wine!

You want to get that delicious white wine chilled for your whole picnic, or maybe you like your red to be on the cooler side for the hot summer days, and Jack’s Hard Cider always tastes better really cold!  What are you going to do?

Have no fear, Hauser Estate has got you covered for all your picnic predicaments.

We have four Beat the Heat suggestions to keep your beverages the right temperature.

1. Picnic Time Insulated Beverage and Wine Tote:

These insulated carrying cases can hold a Jack’s Hard Cider six pack or a single bottle of wine.  The wine bottle holder even includes a little pocket to hold your corkscrew!

2. The Chiller: Bottle & Ice Carrier Bag

The perfect carrying bag for your outdoor activity or just sitting on the deck! This plastic bag can fold away for easy storage, and is large enough to hold tons of ice and a couple of  wine bottles.

3. Corkcicle

The Corkcicle is a freezer icicle that when frozen will chill a bottle of wine  from inside out. This reusable stick maintains perfect drinking temperature no matter how short or long your savor that delicious wine!

4. Wine Gift Bag with Color Freezer Gel

This wine bag is ideal for gifting to the host or hostess of your outdoor picnic! It comes in fun colors (pink, purple, green, red or blue) and is as easy to use – just throw it in the freezer.   Once frozen, this bag fits a single bottle of wine and will keep your wine cool all throughout your event!

So whether Red, White, or Jack’s you will be able to have a very cool summer!!

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