On Being a Thanksgiving Superstar

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When Robert Frost penned My November Guest is it possible he was thinking of Thanksgiving? “My Sorrow, when she’s here with me/Thinks these dark days of autumn rain/Are beautiful as days can be…” Frost had it right, November possess a special quality. The days gets shorter and night becomes darker. November’s dark makes the warmth and brightness of our homes beautiful and cozy. Thanksgiving approaches swiftly and we seek to gather together with family and friends to celebrate the bounty and assuredness of the harvest.

Now, what home can be called ‘beautiful’ or ‘cozy’ without a couple of excellent bottles of wine lined up for the Thanksgiving feast? Wine is a necessity for living well as it allows us the luxury to pause and savor life if only for an ephemeral second. Thanksgiving is one of those great wine pairing opportunities being one of the more difficult dinners to pair food with wine because of the range of people and dishes. Perhaps Uncle Rob can’t drink red wine because it gives him a headache and your sister Beth prefers sweet wine but Aunt Susan can’t stand it? So many preferences! It would be easy to give up, buy two boxes of pleasingly palatable wine  and call it day. But no! You can do better than that, you deserve better than that, and the good news is it doesn’t have to be hard!

Hauser Estate winery offers a variety of superior wines. Sparkling wine is always appropriate for any occasion. Cava, Champagne and Prosecco all go great with all your favorite junk foods, especially popcorn, because it cuts through the grease with its effervescing bubbles. For the same reason it is a good pairing for virtually any dish, the bubbles make it work. At Hauser Estate we offer a naturally semi-sweet Sparkling Apple wine which can be dialed down in sweetness by adding some festive cranberry cocktail or dialed up by simply adding sugar. Perfect with turkey! Our Sparkling Apple wine is a delicious seasonally appropriate shot at keeping everyone happy.

Speaking of sugar, why not pick up a bottle of The Sweet One for the sweet lovers? It’s sure to please with its candy fun, tropical notes and beautiful pink hues. Try it with sweet potatoes and yams! Our 2010 Meritage Reserve is a smooth and mellow red—intricate and complex like November. There are so many different layers that each sip catches the imbiber by pleasant surprise and invites you deeper into its velvety nuances. This wine is perfect for those who love drier reds. Remember, the old rules of red wines with red meat and white with lighter fare such as chicken or fish are meant to broken. Luscious Meritage will go great with that rich savory gravy slathered all over the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing!

Sometimes it is hard to know how much wine to have on hand! The simple rule is to plan on each guest drinking between two to three glasses each while keeping in mind that each bottle holds about four to five glasses of wine. Please except all of our warmest wishes to you and yours for a warm and bright Thanksgiving from us here at Hauser Estate Winery. Let us all be thankful for harvest and bounty in our lives.