Vidal Blanc

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What would we do without Vidal?  Two of our most popular wines, Jennie Wade White and the Sweet One are predominantly Vidal Blanc!

The French hybrid, Vidal Blanc, grows primarily in Canada and the northeast United States and is best known for the luscious ice wines produced in the North.  Developed in the 1930s by Jean-Louis Vidal, Vidal set out to produce a grape suitable for the making of cognac.  His work unbeknownst to him, led to the creation of a grape that is incredible versatile.

Vidal harvest 2013Whether blended or standing alone, dry or sweet, Vidal can show notes of melons, pineapples, citrus and pears.  Our two wines, consisting of Vidal range from semi-sweet to sweet and can be paired with a variety of great foods.  Thank you Vidal, for being so versatile!

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