What a View.

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I work at Hauser Estate Winery.  Actually, my family owns it and anyone that works here has heard a variation of the statement, “Wow, what a view!” “You get to look at that all day. You are so lucky.” “It must be so relaxing to work here.” “I would love this to be my office view.”

And while it is beautiful, spectacular actually, when I work, I hardly notice. The staff is so busy doing tastings, getting orders ready, or trying to find seats on those busy nights, we do not always stop and enjoy “our office.”

So, I challenged myself and came early to work. I got my tea ready. (I know, I should be drinking wine, but 9:00am is bit early.) I sat by the window, tea in hand and my first thought was, “Wow, what a view.”

For those of you that have been here, I have added some photos to refresh your memory. For those who haven’t been here yet…this is what you are missing.

For everyone, I challenge you to come up the hill, sit with a glass of wine or cider and marvel at what our Earth has to offer!



2 Comments on “What a View.”

  1. Alexis


    That is ever so true, excellent challenge, I surely understand. When customers come to the winery they get such a peaceful experience while sitting outside and inside. There isn’t a bad seat in the house. I would highly recommend this year to everyone, taking a breath of fresh air at Hauser Estate Winery.

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